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No coaching form in the world gets to the essence so quickly and is as measurable for effectiveness as the Being in Balance® method.

Brief explanation

Being in Balance Coaching method

With highly advanced technology we can, in just 10 minutes, measure as many as 90 billion stresspoints in the body. This creates a picture in a short time of where the body is in balance and where the stress points are.


The Being in Balance® coach usually works in 5 2-hour sessions to resolve these stress points in the body. Each session another scan is done, so the progression is precisely measured.

Get the best out of yourself in your work by Being in Balance

If you want to use your potential as much as possible and achieve optimal performance in your work, invest in a Being in Balance Trajectory. Being in Balance distinguishes itself as a method because, like no other, it goes straight to the ‘heart of the matter’: the essence of your coaching question, your challenge. This core is always the deeper psycho-emotional programming which directs your behaviour via your subconscious.

Our mission

The Being in Balance organization

Our mission with Being in Balance is to make a powerful contribution to Global Health & Well Being. Our goal is to make innovations from (medical) science, top-class sport and excellent organizations widely applicable in the world. We focus on the corporate market, top sports and the private health market. 

After following a Being in Balance® coaching program, stress levels decreased by an average of 40% and energy increased by 50%.


Using the advanced body and mind scans, we can measure progress in great detail.


Coaching usually has a major impact on the coachee's well-being and quality of life by providing deep insight into the causes of imbalance in body and mind.

Getting started with one of the programs

Coaching programs

There are several types of Being in Balance® coaching products: Vitality, Mobility and Mental Power are each coaching trajectories . They all contain 5 sessions of 2 hours each, with 2 weeks in between. The QuickScan is a 1 hour session.

Quick scan

A "low-cost-high speed" session to quickly map out how you feel as a professional and become aware of your "inner saboteurs".


Find your passion and mission and take powerful steps from your heart to a fitting and inspiring environment.


As a vital and motivated employee, make a difference and recharge your mental and inspirational batteries.

Mental Power

Strengthen your Mental Strength for peak performance in 'moments of truth'

How it works

To measure is to know

Because a scan is done each session, progression can be precisely measured. This trackability and insightfulness makes Being in Balance® coaching unique and is one of the main reasons why organizations and individuals value this method so much.


After following a Being in Balance® coaching program, stress levels decreased by an average of 40% and energy increased by 50%



Most pathways are only 5 sessions of 2 hours. In a relatively short time, you are guaranteed to become a better version of yourself.



The progression of coaching is instantly visible on the computer screen every session.



Being in Balance® takes a holistic perspective in which body, mind and energy are perspectives that interact.


Find a Being in Balance® coach

Do you want to become a coach?

Being in Balance® coach training

Are you a vitality coach, mental coach or a career coach? And would you like to deepen your coaching, by making it measurable and transparent? Then the Being in Balance wellbeing body and mind scan is definitely interesting for you!

As a Being in Balance® coach, you are able to effectively use the Being in Balance® technology. You help your coachees increase their performance, vitality and inner balance and reduce stress. In other words: you help unlock their full potential.

Would you also like to become a Being in Balance® coach?
Then you can apply for our next training starting on February 28, 2023 .  

The course is of interest to you if:

You want to get to the heart of your clients' problems faster and more powerfully

You want to give personalized solutions to your clients' problems

You want to get more results with your clients and make those results measurable

You want to deal with your client's issues more effectively and efficiently

You have the space to deploy a new technique in your coaching that sets you apart in the marketplace


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