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Being in Balance ‘Vitality’

Being in Balance ‘Vitality’ can be a powerful answer to bring your vitality and performance as a professional, measurably and sensible, to an optimal level.

As a vital and motivated employee, make a difference and recharge your mental and inspirational batteries.

Work is increasingly as top sport

As a professional in an organization you have to deal with many incoming action triggers per day via personal messages, e-mails, text messages, letter mail, telephone, fax, etc. But that’s not all, depending on your position you also have to: assist clients, write documents, make schedules, budgets, keep up with professional literature, acquisition, meeting marathons, policy notes, meet targets… and much more.

In short: work is increasingly becoming a top-class sport. This is a fantastic challenge, but as a professional you must be equipped with the right (top) fitness to continue to meet these challenges effectively so that it does not become a ‘tobsport’.

What is Vitality? Vitality is life force. To be vital means to be resilient and creative in dealing with outside influences.

Vitality is a matter of available energy. If energy is abundant and unobstructed, then an optimal exchange between body and mind will be the result, allowing you to perform optimally in your work. That is the goal of Being in Balance ‘Vitality’.


Recharge your batteries!

In practice, being vital means making sure your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “batteries” are optimally filled. In Being in Balance Vitality, that is the goal.

With the Being in Balance technology, by measuring 90 billion stress points in the body, we are able to provide a detailed picture of your current vitality (and possible stress load) at all organ levels, cells and chromosomes in a short period of time. In addition to the psycho-emotional themes that may be sabotaging you at the moment, the databases of the Being in Balance technology allow us to see very precisely which foods and nutritional supplements are right for you now.

Based on this scan, you and your Being in Balance coach will create a Vitality Plan you thats achievable.

In this way, we can help achieve your vitality goal so you stay “on top of it” in your work!

5 sessions of 2 hours on average

What to expect

There is about 2 to 3 weeks between sessions and in each session a new body-mind scan is done with the Being in Balance technology to measure progression and address new areas of concern for:

More energy and vitality

Healthy habits and healthy lifestyle

More helpful and positive thoughts and beliefs

More energy resources and fewer energy leaks

Improved stress regulation

A personal energy plan (PEP!)

Less stress load


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