Coaching program

Being in Balance Quickscan

“A ‘low-cost-high ­speed’ session to quickly map out how you feel and experience yourself as a professional and become aware of your ‘inner saboteurs’

In a QuickScan we make a body-mind ­scan of 90 billion measuring points in your body, in a session of 1 hour­. This way we can quickly see where you are in balance and where you are not and where there is a possible stress load.

Become aware of sabotaging patterns and 
hindering automatic actions

After the intake, the Being in Balance® coach places the headphones of the Being in Balance® technology on your head while you can remain seated in your chair with your clothes on. Then the body-­ mind scan starts, which you can follow completely on your own screen. You will see energy values and energy curves of all your relevant body parts. After the scan, the Being in Balance® coach starts with the analysis and interpretation of the scan data.

During a Being in Balance® QuickScan, you gain insight into, down to the DNA level:

Your mental state
Your energy management, both energy resources and energy leaks
Your ability to act and your degree of stability and flexibility
Hindering psycho-emotional patterns.
The degree of stress load
Appropriate and inappropriate foods for optimal health and performance

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