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Being in Balance ‘Metal Power’

As a top professional in an organization with challenges, you are under almost constant pressure and that is very demanding from your body and mind.

To achieve the maximum result you need to push yourself to the limits and be in perfect physical, mental and emotional condition or ‘Being in Balance’. The question is: How do you know if you are fully balanced?

Being in Balance shows you where you are physically and mentally balanced and where you are not.

Performing in 'moments of truth' is a mental game'

The difference between success and failure is determined by the mental and emotional aspect, so “in your head”. Being in Balance Mental Power actually provides a mental and emotional balance, with maximum mental resilience and the ability to find your limits so you can perform optimally, also, or especially, in ‘moments of truth’.



De BodyMind scan

Fact is, that more than 95% of these processes are dominated by your subconscious. There is an enormous gain in performance when unconscious sabotaging patterns and limiting automatic actions are made aware. Then transform it  through targeted coaching into desired behavior, appropriate to your professional challenges, goals and responsibilities.

This is a process that starts with uncovering the subconscious processes in your body through the body-mind scan, with the Being in Balance technology. By addressing this “core issue” in the coaching process, the barriers in your body will disappear. This releases extra positive energy that you can spend on what you dó want and what is really relevant to you.

Versterk je mentale schild’

With Being in Balance, you strengthen your ‘mental shield’ in a relatively short period of time, so that you can optimally deal with all kinds of stressors associated with your work and life. We work on significantly strengthening your ‘Mental Power’.

If you are mentally competent, you can direct yourself to stay ‘in your task’ or ‘flow’ optimally, despite stressors (inner or outer), as shown in the figure below (“Eberspächer Circles”). Here the blue circle 1 represents ‘me and my task’. If you have a strong mental shield you can actively use it to stay optimally in your task for your desired peak performance. When your mental shield is less strong, you will get out of your task faster and end up in circle 2 to 6, with an increasing chance of failure towards your goal. Being in Balance teaches you to perform as much as possible from circle 1 ‘me and my task’.

Your mental toolbox

In the Being in Balance® Mental Power coaching program you will receive tools to significantly strengthen your ‘mental shield’. In a way that it is related to the results of the BodyMind Scan to reduce and regulate stress loads and strengthen inner balance, among other things. The progress will be measured in each session with a new BodyMind Scan.

Stressors ‘hammer’ into your mental shield on a daily basis, both work-related and private related. By targeted training of mental tools such as goal setting, visualization, tension control, attention control, thought training and action-reflection you give a continuous ‘boost’ to this mental shield.

5 sessions of 2 hours on average

What to expect

There is about 2 to 3 weeks between sessions and in each session a new body-mind scan is done with the Being in Balance technology to measure progression and address new areas of concern in:

Performing better in "moments of truth. Like tough conversations, giving presentations and meeting exciting deadlines.

Having more focus and better concentration and are less easily distracted

Strengthening your 'mental shield' and mental resilience

Learning to "turn off" the fretting and direct your thoughts (and feelings)

Setting the right and proper goals

Visualizing your future and the successful completion of tasks

Having more mental resilience to deal with change

Going from stress to flow, quickly

Being aware of limiting beliefs and patterns

More energy and vitality

More helpful and positive thoughts and beliefs

Which organizations are applying Being in Balance®?

Dutch organizations such as Accenture, PSV, Microsoft, Achmea, Vitens, ASML, AZ, Philips, Randstad, National Police and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, among others, apply Being in Balance® Coaching for their professionals.



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