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There are several types of Being in Balance® coaching products: Vitality, Mobility and Mental Power are each coaching trajectories of 5 sessions of 2 hours each with 2 weeks in between. The QuickScan is a 1 hour session.

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The Quick Scan

A ‘low-cost-high speed’ session to quickly map out how you feel and experience yourself as a professional and become aware of your ‘inner saboteurs’.

In a QuickScan we make in a session of 1 hour a body-­ -mind scan on 90 billion measuring points in your body. In this way we can quickly see where you are mentally and physically in balance and where you are not and where there is a possible stress load.

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Being in Balance ‘Mobility’

Find your passion and mission and take powerful steps from your heart towards a suitable and inspiring environment. Being in Balance Mobility helps you in the process of looking for another job, within or outside your current organization, forced or voluntary. 

In practice, this is an intense and stressful period: the pressure of having to find a job (the pressure from yourself, from your family, from the outside world), the question “what suits you best”, the stress of (the reasons for) leaving the previous job, etc.. Sometimes there are also financial problems, in the short or long term, as a result of the situation.

In short, a crisis situation where you rarely feel good about yourself, your self-confidence has taken a knock and you are less able to conduct a good job interview.

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Being in Balance ‘Vitality’

Make a real difference as a vital and motivated employee, and recharge your mental and inspirational batteries.

As a professional in an organization you have to deal with many incoming action triggers per day via personal messages, e-mails, text messages, letter mail, telephone, fax, etc. But that’s not all, depending on your position you also have to: assist clients, write documents, make schedules, budgets, keep up with professional literature, acquisition, meeting marathons, policy notes, meet targets… and much more.

In short: work is increasingly becoming a top-class sport. This is a fantastic challenge, but as a professional you must be equipped with the right (top) fitness to continue to meet these challenges effectively so that it does not become a ‘worry-sport’.

Being in Balance ‘Vitality’ can be a powerful answer to bring your vitality and performance, as a professional, measurably and sensible to an optimal level.

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Being in Balance ‘Mental Power’

Being in Balance Performance is intended for managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to improve their performance in the context of ‘inner balance, outer performance’.

“Performance” is the result you achieve, mostly the result of your actions and behaviors, internal and external. These are driven by your mission, identity, norms, values, beliefs and skills. However, the fact is that over 95% of these processes are dominated by your subconscious. There is an enormous gain in performance when unconscious sabotaging patterns and limiting automatic actions are made conscious. Then through targeted coaching transformed into desired behavior, appropriate to your professional challenges, goals and responsibilities.

This is a process that starts with uncovering the subconscious processes in your body through the body-mind scan with the Being in Balance technology. By addressing this “heart of the matter” in the coaching process, the barriers in your body will disappear. This releases extra positive energy that you can spend on what yóu do want and what is really relevant to you.

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